What are activated nuts and seeds?

23rd March, 2016


Nuts and seeds are a very valuable addition to our diets. They are rich in protein, healthy fats, fibre, vitamin E and minerals, plus they are an easy and filling snack!

While raw nuts are a very healthy and nutritious snack, your body may not be getting the full nutritional potential of your nuts and seeds. In order to absorb their maximum goodness, you can activate your nuts and seeds to unlock additional healthy benefits!

Activated nuts and seeds have been soaked in a mixture of water and salt for a pre-determined period of time, starting the natural germination process. Just like any plant or animal in their natural environment, nuts have a number of built-in systems to promote natural growth. The process of soaking emulates this natural system. Once the nuts and seeds have been soaked, they are then drained and dehydrated in a very low temperature oven or dehydrator.

Nuts and seeds contain a substance called phytic acid. Whilst a moderate intake of phytates may be associated with lower cancer risk, an excessive intake may interfere with our bodies’ digestion and absorption. Nuts and seeds also contain enzyme inhibitors that force the body to work hard to produce the enzymes necessary for digestion. This has been said to be an aging process as it is so taxing on our body! The process of activating breaks down the phytic acid and disarms enzyme inhibitors, increasing the nutritional content and makes these nutrients a lot easier for our bodies to absorb.

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