So when you're up and down on your diet, lifestyle and fitness programs, Bill's Certified Organic Carb-Smart Hemp lets you put bread back on the menu. Our Carb-Smart Hemp loaf is rich in natural plant sterols (to help lower cholesterol); reduced carbs; higher fibre and reduced salt. This delicious sourdough also slows digestion, curbs appetite and helps prevent spikes in blood sugar.

Hemp is rich in all essential amino and fatty acids like Omega 3 and 6 and is a great source of protein which gives this bread a mouth-watering aroma and a great taste. Enjoy!


Certified Organic stoneground wholemeal flour, filtered water, certified organic linseed meal, certified organic linseed seeds, certified organic sunflower seeds, certified organic pumpkin seeds, certified organic hemp seeds, psyllium husk, certified organic kibbled wheat, certified organic molasses, certified organic sunflower oil, lecithin (from rapeseed, Himalayan pink rock salt.



GM & Sulphite-Free

We're proud of the fact that we use non-GM ingredients, and all of our ingredients are sulphite-free.


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